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Chapter 1 Introduction  

Chapter 2 Key Principles of Economics

Chapter 3 Markets and Government in the Global Economy

Chapter 4 Supply, Demand and Market Equilibrium

Chapter 5 Understanding Entrepreneurship and Ownership

Chapter 6 Conducting Business Ethically and Responsibly

Chapter 7 Understanding the Business of Managing

Chapter 8 Organizing the Business Enterprise

Chapter 9 Understanding the Principles of Marketing

Chapter 10 Developing and Pricing Products

Chapter 11 Designing and Managing Marketing Channels


Strongley Recommended Readings:

Business, 7/e, Ricky W. Griffin and Ronald J. Ebert, Pearson/Prentice Hall   

Business Today, 10/e, Michael H. Mescon / Courtland L. Bovée / John V. Thill 


Study Guide:

Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4:

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Multiple Choice:,,787971-,00.html 




Essay Questions:,,787984-,00.html 




Chapter 5:

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Multiple Choice:,,788037-,00.html 

Essay Questions:,,788050-,00.html 


Chapter 6:

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Multiple Choice:,,788103-,00.html 

Essay Questions:,,788116-,00.html 


Chapter 7:

True and False:,,788123-,00.html 

Multiple Choice:,,788136-,00.html 

Essay Questions:,,788149-,00.html 


Chapter 8:

True and False:,,788156-,00.html 

Multiple Choice:,,788169-,00.html 

Essay Questions:,,788182-,00.html 


Chapter 9:

True and False:,,788255-,00.html 

Multiple Choice:,,788268-,00.html 

Essay Questions:,,788281-,00.html 


Chapter 10:

True and False:,,788288-,00.html 

Multiple Choice:,,788301-,00.html 

Essay Questions:,,788314-,00.html 


Chapter 11:

True and False:,,788320-,00.html 

Multiple Choice:,,788333-,00.html 

Essay Questions:,,788346-,00.html 



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